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Welcome to our new home!  Here you will discover our intent to connect to the world around us.  This exciting journey called life is ever changing.  Our intent to keep up and lead out is constantly challenged.  You live in a quantum paced civilization with many unexpected twists and turns.  Because of that, it is our conviction that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more important than ever to keep us tethered to a hope and a foundation that is certain.

Our on campus gatherings are designed to help you.  We expect week to week that you will encounter the Spirit of God and be invited by Him into a deeper and more meaningful relationship.  As your heart warms to His invitation, be assured that His heart is white hot for you!

As you learn more about us through this site, please take a moment and introduce yourself by contacting one of our wonderful and caring ministers or support staff.  We love meeting new cyber searchers!  If you are already a member of our family, leave a note, letting us know what God is doing in your life.  Remember to pray for us before leaving…

Coming in August 2017….

“If only You would rend the heavens and come down…” Isaiah 64:1

Our church, like many churches in America, is ripe for revival! We are beginning in earnest preparing for and expecting God to do the impossible by “rending the Heavens and coming down…” Isaiah 64:1. In his book Heart Cry for Revival, Stephen Olford “retweets” the six dangers that threaten the church’s call to making disciples from William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army.

  1. Religion without the Holy Spirit
  2. Christianity without Christ
  3. Forgiveness without repentance
  4. Salvation without regeneration
  5. Politics without God
  6. Heaven without Hell

Though these words were spoken more than 100 years ago, they have never been truer. Revival is much more than a series of meetings in the fall or spring on a church’s calendar. It is a sovereign move of God upon His people to accomplish His will in their lives. Listen to how these great men of God describe and define authentic revival:

  1. Leonard Ravenhill; “The only reason we don’t have revival is because we are willing to live without it.”
  2. Vance Havner; “Revival is falling in love with Jesus all over again!”
  3. Del Fehsenfeld Jr; “True revival is that divine moment when God bursts upon the scene and displays His glory!”
  4. Arthur Wallis; “At the heart of every revival is the spirit of prayer.”
  5. Timothy Keller; “The key to continual and deeper spiritual renewal and revival is the continual re-discovery of the gospel.”

I would add to these thoughts the idea that too many in the church today desire reform instead of revival. We are accustomed to taking sides on health-care reform, immigration reform, tax reform, and the list goes on. As the concept of reform creeps into our faith walk, we become satisfied with a quick and less than significant fix. But only in the church and by the hand of God will human hearts experience revival. Revival gets to the souls of men! Transformation and not mere reformation takes place.

In preparing for a mighty move of God I have asked our people to do a number of things. First I have asked them to join me in praying 7 minutes a day for 40 days specifically for revival. We will begin on August 8th and pray through September 16th. I will be communicating specific requests daily to those committed to praying. In addition I have invited those who would to set aside at least one of those days to fast and read the book of Ezra. I will be preaching a five part sermon series I have called “When God Tears open the Heavens to send Revival…” from the book of Ezra.

These are exciting days as we transition to a distinctly regional focus. Our members come from Madison, Gibson, and Crockett Counties. If you live within a 20 minute drive of 3400 E. Mitchell Street in Humboldt, you live near one of us! Join us on September 17th-20th for an amazing experience and what we are praying will be a fresh encounter with God!

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